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      Product Center
      Aurican is capable of manufacturing stainless steel products, Aluminum products, copper products, zinc alloy products and other superior quality window and door and window accessories in massive production. It professionally produces and distributes stainless steel friction stays, transmission rod, handle, pulley, multi-point lock and other high quality window and door hardware and accessories.
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      Project & Cases
      Aurican offers service to the architectural windows & doors industry, including domestic and international. It makes an excellent national distribution through different branches in Beijing, Shantou, Shenzhen, Shenyang and other offices in some big cities of China.
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      About Aurican
      Founded in 1990, GUANGDONG AURICAN HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY CO. , LTD. is a modern enterprise professionally integrated with researching, developing, manufacturing and selling stainless friction stay, transmission rod, handle, pulley, multi-point lock and other high quality window and door accessories.
      Established the product testing center with complete equipments, Aurican has been able to test the friction stay according to the international industrial standard.
      Aurican will continue to carry forward the "Quality First, Integrity and Mutual Benefit" policy and "Unity, cooperation, efficiency, innovation" entrepreneurship, and work together with all global partners.
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