9 simple habits that make it (and stay) less confusing

There isn’t much more confusing than navigating your fitness journey. The entire fitness industry is a huge contradiction probably by design.

When we set out to “get healthy” or “get in shape,” there seem to be common misconceptions that are accepted as fact, and we often find them all wrong when a new study comes out. So it’s really hard to know where to start or who to trust.

Enter Jordan Siatt, one of our favorite fitness influencers.

Siatt is a personal strength and fitness trainer who has been featured in various publications, such as Mens Health and Fitness magazine. He’s trained big names and celebrities, but we think he really shines in breaking down intimidating and overwhelming fitness tips for the average person.

He recently shared nine things he wishes he’d known before embarking on his fitness journey, and we think it’s the perfect guide for anyone trying to decipher what’s worth worrying about when starting their own journey to better health and fitness.

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9 simple habits for people who find all these health and fitness “rules” confusing

1. Raise the steps.

Siatt recommends a simple but effective approach to an exercise goal of 7,500 steps a day.

A 2021 study conducted at the University of Sydney found that reaching 7,000 steps a day improves your physical health and reduces your risk of premature death. And older women may find that their daily step goal may be even lower, with a 2019 study finding that benefits for older women may average as little as 4,400 steps per day.

2. Don’t forget fiber.

Next, diet plays a key role in our overall health, and fiber is a key component.

Yale School of Medicine reported an 8% increase in advanced-stage colorectal cancer. In addition, the diagnosis of individuals under the age of 55 has increased from 11% in 1995 to 20%, which is one in five people. Notably, genetic syndromes often contribute to colon cancer in younger patients, accounting for 10% to 20% of cases.

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