Ask Amy: Depression destroyed their marriage. He is better now, but his wife is still not coming back

Dear Amy: I sustained an injury that caused internal bleeding. It caused me severe anemia, which I didn’t know I had.

I was unknowingly struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety before I was diagnosed.

I had no idea what was happening to me. I haven’t had any mental health issues my entire life (I’m 45) until this medical condition significantly changed my behavior.

My wife of almost 20 years left me before I was diagnosed.

After the diagnosis, the doctors managed to stop the blood loss. The anemia and its symptoms disappeared, and I was back to normal.

I was sure my wife would reconcile with our family after my diagnosis, but instead she said I was using my illness as an excuse for my behavior. She does not understand that this was the cause.

She does not understand that these symptoms disappear when the illness is successfully treated, and believes that I am permanently mentally ill.

She believes that the disease revealed my true personality, which is not true at all. What happened was a complete accident.

My wife and family are my whole life. I would never get this medical condition on purpose.

We have a 4-year-old daughter to whom I am a great father.

My wife is rejecting our family and trying to take me away from our daughter because I had a curable disease that I no longer have.

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