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Credit: Kate Mooreway

Looking for a place to catch a boxing match?

Everyone is invited to attend Witherspoon Boxing & Fitness 1stThe annual Thanksgiving showdown on Sunday, November 19, 2023. Doors open at 1:00 p.m., and the amazing fights begin at 2:00 p.m.

This inaugural event offers a look at young amateur fighters who could become household names in the not-too-distant future. Come witness thrilling battles of rising world boxing stars from area boxing clubs as they showcase their raw talent and unwavering dedication. Tickets are $30.

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Interest in boxing, whether amateur or professional, persists. It has been around for centuries. There’s strategy and athleticism involved here and it’s a great outlet both mentally and physically.

Manager William Tyson, Jr. secured sponsorship for this USA Sanctioned Boxing event from Herb and Hive, Yardley; Cheese Dawgs on Mill Street; SMP Service & Maintenance Professionals, LLC, Warminster; and Law Office of Kaitlin Files, LLC in Levittown.

Tim Witherspoon, Jr., a former professional fighter raised in a family of boxers, persistently searched for the perfect high-caliber location for his dream, Witherspoon Boxing & Fitness, to teach young people his trade. It opened in the spectacular historic Grundy Commons at 925 Canal St., beneath the towering presence of the iconic Grundy Commons clock tower. It’s easy to find, highly visible and has plenty of parking.

The confident, charismatic Tim, Jr., learned the value of strategy, athleticism, and hard work from his father, the skilled two-time World Heavyweight Champion, Terrible Tim Witherspoon, Sr.

Tim Terrible II is also a AAAI Certified Personal Trainer, the gold standard in fitness education and certification, and a USA Boxing Certified Trainer.

Boxing is one of the best aerobic exercises, but they are busy building champions in and out of the ring. In addition to the Witherspoon Boxing Ring Room, there is a Boot Camp area with weights and cardio stations for high-intensity strength and core training, along with conditioning sessions to improve cardiovascular endurance under the structured guidance of ACE Certified Elite Fitness Trainer, Omar Clark.

Focus, concentration and mental stamina are enhanced by exercise regimens from qualified exercise professionals, providing multiple physical and mental health benefits.

Credit: Kate Mooreway

There are also Yoga studio classes led by talented yoga instructors, as well as Zumba, kickboxing, free weights, bicycles and rowing machines, as well as a park out front with basketball courts.

Training at Witherspoon Boxing & Fitness can be a transformative experience for any enthusiast, delivering the results of improved fitness and confidence.

Motivation is evident everywhere at Witherspoon Boxing & Fitness as Tim and his professional team build a competitive foundation for future champions who are expertly pushed to their limits as they build strength, speed and endurance.

So why wait? Put on your gloves and hit the gym!

The good news is that it’s never too late to start.

Take a look at! Be there for the main event on November 19, 1stAnnual Thanksgiving gathering.

Guaranteed action packed from opening bell.

Added benefit.. Community is top priority!

Watching live sporting events improves well-being and can reduce feelings of loneliness.

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Each of Bristol Borough’s well-attended entertainment events brings enthusiasm and excitement, providing many opportunities to explore Bristol’s diverse culture, history and community.

Witherspoon Boxing and Fitness
Grundy Commons
925 Canal Street #19, Bristol Borough

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