Don’t Let Pollution Hit Your Pocket: How Health Insurance Can Save Hospitalization Costs

A recent survey by LocalCircles, a Delhi-based citizens’ group, revealed that an alarming four out of five families (80 percent) living in Delhi-NCR are struggling with health problems stemming from severe air pollution in the region.

Today, we’ll explore how health insurance can play a key role in preventing financial pressures while ensuring access to necessary medical care amid the growing pollution crisis.

Escalation of pollution-related hospitalizations

Residents of Delhi faced another day of toxic air on Friday as the city’s air quality remained in the “severe” category. The Air Quality Index (AKI) crossed the 400 mark at 9 am, indicating hazardous levels of pollution, according to data from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

However, worsening air quality has led to an unprecedented rise in hospital admissions for pollution-related illnesses.

Increase in out-of-pocket costs

When these expenses are unexpected and not factored into one’s budget. As a result, many individuals face financial difficulties or even resort to borrowing funds to cover these expenses.

In the context of increasing pollution-related hospitalizations, comprehensive health coverage ensures that individuals do not bear the full burden of emergency medical bills. It provides a key layer of financial protection, offering peace of mind and access to essential healthcare without significant financial strain,” Director Rakesh Goyal, Probus Insurance Broker says.

The role of health insurance

Health insurance serves as vital protection against unforeseen medical expenses, including those arising from pollution-related emergency hospitalizations. By obtaining a comprehensive health insurance plan, individuals can minimize the financial impact of necessary medical treatments and hospital stays.

Meanwhile, with the AKI crossing 500 in the NCR region, there has been a 50% increase in health insurance related inquiries this month, according to data analyzed by Policybazaar.

Cover for emergency hospitalizations

Most health insurance policies cover emergency hospitalizations, ensuring that individuals are not burdened with excessive costs during critical situations. These policies typically cover expenses related to emergency room visits, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and hospital stays.

Access to quality health care

Health insurance provides individuals with the ability to seek timely and appropriate medical care without worrying about the associated costs. With pollution-related illnesses on the rise, prompt access to quality healthcare becomes paramount in mitigating potential health risks.

Currently, a significant 63% of India’s health expenditure is borne out of pocket, indicating significant financial vulnerability. This high reliance on personal funds highlights the risk of financial strain during medical emergencies. In order to mitigate this risk and ensure access to optimal health care, it is necessary to take advantage of health insurance. Comprehensive insurance plans include coverage for hospitalization, emergency room visits, drug costs and surgeries,” said Yogesh Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Bimaplan says.

Additional benefits and extras

In addition to coverage for emergency hospitalizations, health insurance plans often provide additional benefits and add-ons that can further mitigate out-of-pocket costs. This may include coverage of pre- and post-hospitalization costs, outpatient consultations, medications and preventive health services.

Some insurance providers may also offer wellness programs and discounts on health-related products and services, encouraging policyholders to prioritize their overall well-being.

The importance of policy evaluation

While health insurance can protect against out-of-pocket costs, it is necessary to evaluate and compare different policies to identify the most suitable option. Factors such as coverage limitations, hospital networks, waiting periods, and premium costs should be carefully considered. Consulting with insurance professionals or using online resources can help individuals choose a policy that fits their specific needs and budget.

By securing comprehensive health insurance, individuals can prioritize their health and well-being without worrying about the financial burdens that come with pollution-related illnesses.

It is imperative that residents of Delhi NCR recognize the importance of investing in health insurance to protect their overall health and financial stability amidst the alarming pollution crisis.

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Updated: November 17, 2023, 12:38 PM IST

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