Ingo Rademacher talks about his mental health struggles since being discharged from General Hospital

In the last few episodes of General Hospital, viewers witnessed the return of Ned (Ashton) Quartermaine (Wally Kurt), after Ned suffered from a form of amnesia and assumed the persona of his former rock star, Eddie Maine.

In the moment that hastened Ned’s return, “Eddie” jumped into the water, believing it would help him finish the song and find the “mermaid” in it. However, things went wrong when “Eddie’s” leg became entangled in the netting. Leave it to Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) to be Johnny on the spot and dive into the water to save her husband.

When the two returned to land, Ned returned and he and Olivia had an unforgettable reunion. They then headed to the bedroom and then Ned went into the boardroom, freshly shaven and in a suit – away from ‘Eddie’. Additionally, Ned recalled that just before he fell into the Metro Court pool, he heard that Nina (Cynthia Watrous) was the person who pointed the finger at Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) with the SEC , while everyone believed that Ned was the culprit. Olivia convinces Ned to leave the table and shake Sonny (Morris will be remarried to Nina. But will Ned end up setting the record straight?

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On Monday, Wally Kurth and Lisa LoCicero took part in a live chat on YouTube’s Michael Fairman Channel, where they talked about the water rescue scenes, their enduring on-screen relationship, teased what’s to come now that Ned is back and more a lot of it. Here are some of the key takeaways from the discussion.

Wally revealed if there was any pressure on him to make the big moment when “Eddie” becomes Ned. He shared, “My biggest fear was getting this amnesia story. And after watching it, and being in the water and all that, I feel like we landed it. You know, it was really sweet and magical. I think we succeeded. So, I’m happy with how it turned out. You know on soaps that it’s onward and upward. You just keep moving and now I’m back in a suit and tie and back to being Ned. I will always miss Eddie. Eddie is probably the most Wally-like of them all.”


Lisa gave her thoughts on playing a story where Olivia was trying to deal with this ‘Eddie version’ of her husband: “I keep saying it was so much fun watching Wally and him enjoying this and playing a different dynamic with a different person. Sometimes there is a little hand wringing that sometimes goes a long way. And you have to add different levels of concern as the story progresses. If you don’t have any drama in a soap opera, you don’t have a story. You have to be, like a shark. Not to continue the analogy with the sea. You have to keep swimming forward. I just love doing drama and watching Wally play a different character was really wonderful. I enjoyed it all.”

Making sure the dialogue was spot on, while shooting the underwater scenes, Kurt wanted to make sure he delivered it right for the sake of the story, sharing, “I don’t usually like to ask for a second or third take, but I thought, I have to get this right. I kept screwing up the words and I knew the way it was written was using the song. It was very clear and very specific. With all the emotion I was feeling, it was hard for me to just deliver that dialogue. I wanted to make sure we did it right. I feel like we did when I watched it. I felt like it made emotional sense, which was the most important thing… but I also had to say the words.”

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In categorizing what actually happened to Ned to turn into “Eddie” in the first place, Wally weighed in, “I’d say it was PTSD and in some kind of hypnotic state. He definitely turned it around. He just chose to go to a place that was happy instead of where he was. I think with all the things that were going on at ELK, and I think he just went and said, “Well, this is a much better place. I love it. I like it here better than my real life.’ That’s kind of how I looked at it, you know? Almost like a midlife crisis.”

Knowing she might get some from the fans for Olivia telling Ned not to rock the boat for Sonny and Nina when Ned was blamed for turning Drew and Carly into the SEC when Nina was the one who did it, LoCicero clarified : “Carly is happy, she gets along with Nina, and she doesn’t want Sonny to break her heart.” Let’s make that very clear.”

As for what Ned might do with the information against Nina, “He could use that information to his advantage at corporate headquarters. I mean, he just came back from thinking he’s Eddie Mayne, a rock star for the last six or seven months. So when it comes to defending his reputation, that’s not high on his list right now.” Wally added: “Ned is Tracy’s son and he’s the son of Lord Ashton who was a con man. I’m glad they’re finally giving me some stuff where Ned is capable of not thinking twice about blackmailing someone or doing something duplicitous. I love it when I do something that’s a little more naughty. I think it’s Ned.”

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The story gave Lisa and Renee Sofer (Lois) a chance to work together again. However, does Lisa see that Olivia is concerned when it comes to Lois and her ex Ned? LoCicero said, “Tracy keeps trying to tell her to be, but Olivia, of her own accord, is not. She is genuinely happy that her friend is back and they love each other. The truth is. It’s weird that we have, hypothetically, best friends without ever talking about it. Like, ‘Oh, well, my best friend, you married my ex-husband’ is a weird thing. So we will get to a place where it will be resolved, which it will be. It is both dramatic and realistic. It’s always nice when something is both dramatic and realistic. They dramatized it beautifully in some scenes that we haven’t shot yet. It’s so much fun working with Rena.”

Will something happen to break up Ned and Olivia? Lisa weighed in, “The only thing that would really drive her away from him would be some kind of emotional betrayal, I think.

Watch Wally and Lisa’s live chat below. So let us know, are you glad Ned is back? Will you miss Eddie Maine? Are you mad at Olivia for convincing Ned not to turn himself in to Nina for now? Do you think Ned will pull off some machinations to take control of the ELK from Michael and Drew? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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