Labels are paving the way for mental health awareness

With the consumption of social media, recent global pandemics and political divisions, there has been an increase in rates of depression and anxiety around the world. It’s a crisis that has been quietly building over the years and according to Consumer Reports, rates of depression and anxiety have risen by 70% in the last 25 years, underscoring the urgency of awareness.

What makes this moment particularly noteworthy is not just the rise of these mental health challenges, but the recent shift in how it is openly discussed or responded to within the fashion and beauty industry. Mental health, until recently, was not part of the fashion and beauty dialogue. Traditionally, this sphere was usually focused on the exterior, and sometimes setting unrealistic standards that later played a role in damaging the mental health of creators, their teams, and consumers.

Now, the once taboo topic is coming to the fore, moving away from silence and stigma. Prominent voices such as celebrities, models, designers and influencers have revealed the importance of using their platform to raise awareness about mental health and start honest conversations with the public.

Whether it’s their label ethos or collaborations with organizations, labels are no longer creating products that just look good, but feel good and purposeful. In the following list, we’ll explore eight brands that stand as pioneers in developing mental health awareness and support.


With purpose and intent at its core, the South African label puts wellness at the fore, through the brand’s ethos and design. With their latest collection focusing on purpose, the label allows its work with typography to stand as a means of self-expression and a sense of belonging.


Hailing from Kuwait, this female-led streetwear label encourages an open conversation about mental health through designs that challenge gender norms and promote positivity. Publishing house founder Laian Al Dabbous uses her psyche and personal experiences to tell her stories through her imaginary character, Claudette, with whom the public and her community have found a connection.


Madhappi is an oxymoronic label that revolves around optimism, bringing people together through designs, pop-ups and events to build a community of positivity. Through its non-profit organization The Madhappi Foundation, the brand donates 1% of every sale to fund research and raise awareness.

Museum of Peace and Silence

With mental health in mind, the athleisure brand uses its minimal designs to access the inner psyche and build a serene and simple space. Because their clothes are made for everyday use, the Museum of Peace and Silence aims to promote a clean space to allow space for meaningful ideas and emotions.

PANGAIA k Headspace

On World Mental Health Day, October 10, PANGAIA partnered with meditation app Headspace to launch a collaborative capsule collection that promotes kindness and well-being. Brands focused on gathering to encourage users to take time to reflect on the importance of self-care, mindfulness and kindness.

Rare Beauty

Having already partnered with over 20 organizations, the vegan cosmetics company prioritizes mental health. Founded by Selena Gomez who has been publicly vulnerable about her mental and physical health over the years, the brand is partnering with her organization, The Rare Impact Fund, which aims to raise $100 million over the next 10 years for research and support.

The Mayfair Group

Born in Scottsdale, the label gained popularity with its Empathy Always crewneck that serves as a tribute to mental health. The brand has an enduring narrative that challenges social norms, celebrating unique human experiences. Feel-good clothing designs celebrate the mind in all its complexity.

Total Luxury Spa

Total Lukuri Spa has a strong focus on graphics, which is dedicated to immersing the audience in self-expression and imagination. Total Lukuri Spa works closely with various initiatives, including The Umoja Center and The Community Foundation of Greater Flint, among others, to raise awareness and offer access to mental health support and other charitable causes.

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