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Bodybuilding fans are witnessing the end of an era as one of the last printed magazines has ceased publication after 59 years. Rick Collins, who has written for Muscular Development for over 22 years, confirmed that the magazine will no longer publish physical editions in a recent Facebook post.

Muscular Development was started by Rob Hoffman and released its first issue in 1964. In a time before social media, Muscular Development provided fans with all the current happenings in sports. This iconic magazine featured big names such as dominant former Mr. Olympia title holders Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After decades of featuring the best athletes in bodybuilding, Rick Collins has officially announced that Muscular Development will end its print edition in a Facebook post.

“It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Official Muscular Development Magazine.” After 250 monthly columns spread over 22 years, touching on all things fitness, hormones, law and culture, I was informed that the magazine was closing up shop and would not be printing any more issues.

Very sad. When I started, print was still a powerful force and social media didn’t exist yet. It’s a different world now. I will deeply miss working with the members of the MD team and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors. What’s next for me? I’m going to quit my day job as a lawyer and maybe see what else looks interesting!” wrote Rick Collins.

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Official Muscular Development Magazine. After 250 monthly columns that spread…

Posted by Rick Collins on Thursday, November 16, 2023

Speculations of company closure due to muscle development, “It’s a different world now”

In addition to the magazine ceasing printing, there were rumors that the company as a whole was going out of business. While this has yet to be confirmed, fans have been left to speculate after Ron Harris, who was previously a writer and editor for Muscular Development, posted a farewell on Instagram, which avoided shutting down the entire company.

“Nothing lasts forever.” That being said, I have had an amazing journey with MD. I wrote my first magazine article in September 2001 and have gone on to write thousands more articles and columns. In January 2017, I was offered the dual roles of senior writer and online editor.

At first I didn’t want a job as an online editor, but I soon accepted to leave my comfort zone and started producing video content. The late Peter McGough was very helpful in my moments of doubt, as was Giles Thomas. It was Peter who came up with the name for my interview show, The Ronline Report, of which I have produced over 600 editions.

I also went onsite to cover competitions across the US and a few in Canada. While I’m sad to see it all come to an end, I thank MD owner Steve Blechman for the opportunities he’s given me. Most of all, the team I worked with made it all so special: Jen Giresi, Giles Thomas, Alan Dietrich, Alan Golnick, and Angela Frizalone. I have also met so many amazing athletes, promoters, photographers, supplement company owners, and other bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Where do I go from here? I can’t say for sure right now, but I’ve been in this industry for almost 33 years and I have no plans to leave. Thanks to all of you who have supported MD’s magazine, website and forums, and of course the YouTube channel. See you again soon! On to the next chapter of my life.”

Fans were quick to address the possibility of rebranding the YouTube channel in hopes that Ron Harris would be able to continue.

Follower @daithicaiside asked:

“The followers are yours, can’t you rename the YouTube channel and you and Giles run and monetize it.

Ron Harris responded to the comment saying:

“We can start a new channel.”

Currently the online subscription as well as the forum are already shut down. The forum provided a platform for sports enthusiasts to express their views, although it was hotly debated for censoring offensive posts.

Muscular Development not only inspired countless generations during its release, but also became a driving force for those who grew up with it. Bodybuilding fans said goodbye to one of the last remaining magazines in the sport.

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