San Francisco Remote Insurance Provider SafetyWing Partners With Australian HR Tech Outstaffer

MELBOURNE, Australia, 15 November 2023—(BUSINESS WIRE)–SafetyWing, a global insurance provider for digital nomads and remote teams, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Outstaffer, a Global EOR and HR technology company.

This collaboration integrates SafetyWing’s insurance offerings into Outstaffer’s revolutionary SaaS global workforce platform. Outstaffer’s clientele can now provide their globally distributed teams with fair and comprehensive health benefits, at an exclusive discount of up to 35% below standard individual premiums.

By enabling its clients to offer these benefits, Outstaffer demonstrates its commitment to employee well-being and gives its clients a competitive edge. With the inclusion of SafetyWing’s healthcare offering, Outstaffer’s customers are now better positioned to attract and retain top global talent.

SafetyWing’s collaboration with Outstaffer aligns with their vision of building a borderless world, offering world-class insurance services under one policy that can be used in 175+ countries for multiple users worldwide.

Of the new partnership, CEO Thomas Derum said, “This strategic alliance with SafetyWing is more than a collaboration; it’s a revolution in the remote work environment. In an era where 66% of the workforce considers great employee benefits to be critical, it has become imperative for companies to not only meet but go beyond basic compensation and mandatory benefits offerings to attract and retain the best talent around the world. Together, we’re not just offering health insurance benefits, we’re creating a world where the well-being of remote employees is at the forefront, regardless of location.”

Co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing, Sondre Rasch, said: “We were thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Outstaffer. Remote work is one of the biggest paradigm shifts of our generation, and this revolution is just beginning. SafetyWing was launched because we saw firsthand that there was no global infrastructure to support remote workers. To ensure equal opportunities for all, SafetyWing is building a global social safety net for remote workers and teams. We were proud to partner with Outstaffer and empower their customers to provide global health benefits to your distributed teams through our telehealth product.”

This partnership marks a new era for global enterprises and remote teams, with two industry leaders coming together from different parts of the world to bridge the gap between global employment and fair benefits.

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Notes for the editor

About SafetyWing

Launched in 2018, SafetyWings’ vision is to build a global social safety net, making equal opportunities and freedom available to all around the world. Its first product, Nomad Insurance, is a global travel medical insurance that quickly experienced tremendous growth, as it was the first insurance product specifically tailored to digital nomads working outside their home country. In 2020, SafetyWing launched Remote Health, health insurance that covers employees and contractors under one plan, making it the world’s first truly global health insurance solution for remote teams. Since then, it has grown explosively, increasing 10 times in size from a year ago. Founded by CTO Sarah Sandnes, COO Hans Nivold Kjellby and CEO Sondre Rasch, SafetyWing is headquartered in San Francisco, California, but has a team of 180 fully remote workers located around the world.

About Outstaffer

Outstaffer is the developer of a SaaS-based global workforce platform designed to enable companies of all sizes to tap into the global talent pool and scale remote and distributed teams. Founded in 2020 by Thomas Derum, the platform solves the complexity of providing full-time employment to anyone from around the world without compliance risk, enabling companies to find and hire top talent, create payroll in line with local standards, offer great employee benefits and equip their remote employees with the managed devices and tools they need to work productively, safely and securely from anywhere.

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