Sydney Sweeney swears by *this* popular pilates class for toned abs and strong legs

Sidney Sweeney puts in the work both on and off set. Given the fact that her sculpted abs and legs are the mainstay of her many Instagram kills, it’s hard not to wonder what the 26-year-old Women’s health The December 2023 cover star is making it stay strong.

Growing up on a lake in a small town on the Washington-Idaho border, Sydney loves outdoor exercise. She started water skiing, snow skiing and hiking at a young age. Through all these activities, she gained physical strength and mental. “Always whenever I feel strong, it means I’m happy and confident,” she says Women’s health. Strength is inner happiness with yourself and self-love. It’s a personal phenomenon that makes him feel like he can take over the world.

Ahead, find out how Sydney manifests those feelings through her workout routine, which includes multiple forms of skiing, mixed martial arts, and one popular type of Pilates class.

Sydney has been doing water slalom for as long as she can remember.

You may have caught one of her water skiing videos on Instagram. Yes, Euphoria the actress has been into slalom water skiing where you tie both feet to one ski since her early days. “The moment I could walk, my mom put me on a so-called U-board to learn how to ski,” Sydney says. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. It’s my favorite.

She sees it as a break from her busy Hollywood life. It’s a rare moment when I can actually just hear myself breathing, where everything else goes silent, Sydney says, but it’s still a physical challenge. Slalom water skiing works her upper body, core and leg strength, plus balance. You get tired very quickly, she says. I see such a change in my body after the whole summer [skiing]. My arms are stronger, more sculpted. My abs are tight. However, Sydney never sees it as a hard workout, because it’s just fun for her.

But she enjoys more than one type of skiing.

Sydney also grew up skiing and was even on the ski team. She loves it because it’s another physical activity that allows her to enter a sense of mental peace: It’s just me in the snow and I can hear myself, she says. It’s nice, and you can just zone out there.

Sydney also enjoys hiking with her rescue dog, Tank.

Since her early years were spent on the lake, there were amazing hiking opportunities in the surrounding forests and mountains. We’d go on six-hour adventures, climbing rocks and trees and finding little streams and trails, Sydney says of her walks with Tank. There were no real tracks. We were just doing some research. She also loved seeing how happy Tank was exploring nature.

However, when Sydney moved to Los Angeles, it was a completely different landscape than what she and Tank were used to. Still, the pair have now found their footing, Sydney and Tank love to explore the trails in Malibu, Solstice Canyon and around the Hollywood Sign. I always think it’s really important to be outdoors, she says. It grounds you.

He has been practicing mixed martial arts (MMA) since he was 12 years old.

Long before Madame Webb the star started training superheroes, she was always active and in tune with her body. But Sydney’s move to LA as a teenager made joining sports teams somewhat difficult. I really wanted to find something that was as physically challenging as anything [back home], she says. Some of my friends trained in MMA and they did grappling, and I was like, ‘This is so cool.’

Eventually they brought her to the dojo. I tried it on and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I love this,'” Sydney says. She fell in love with the dojo community because it is a sisterhood and brotherhood among fighters and trainers, Sydney explains. It’s such a beautiful community of people who protect each other and you learn discipline and respect.

Once Sydney became immersed in the MMA community, she began going to the dojo two to three times a week for the next five or six years. But she still practices just to check out her epic takedowns on Instagram.

You’ll always find Sydney at Solidcore classes these days.

“When I say it’s one of the biggest workouts you can do, it’s so challenging,” she says of the high-intensity, low-impact Pilates-inspired workout. I just feel so tight and strong, but also elongated, and it feels so good doing it. She admits that she is “obsessed” with these classes and goes two or three times a week. Sydney also loves running and says that these two forms of exercise are her main thing. In addition, she does a little strength training with weights.

She takes one mantra to skiing, acting and everything else she does.

It really is mind over matter, Sidney says. It’s always more mental than physical. Of course, you have to train, you have to prepare your body, but at the end of the day the mind is above all else.

Keep tearing it down, Sid!

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