Nurse’s lawsuit against top drug companies claims they made billions on decongestants that don’t work | CBC News

A Winnipeg nurse is seeking class action status for her lawsuit against several leading pharmaceutical companies, accusing them of profiting for decades from selling over-the-counter oral decongestants that contain an …

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Hopes for thousands of people battling two deadly blood disorders as UK approves world’s first ‘cure’: 1m drug allows sufferers to feel ‘born again’

Patients with sickle cell disease, of which there are around 15,000 in the UK, do not properly make hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body.  As a result, their red blood cells become rigid and crescent-shaped instead of disc-like (pictured), which can cause them to die and get stuck in blood vessels

Thousands of Britons suffering from two blood disorders could receive the first treatment that could potentially cure them. Casgevi was today approved by the UK medicines watchdog for everyone over …

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EXCLUSIVE: Oregon father left fighting for life in hospital after Ozempic causes stomach paralysis – as data shows 51 US deaths linked to drug

Wilson 'Bo' Muhlheim, 79, is pictured above with his wife, Nancy, also 79. The couple, from Eugene, Oregon, made two trips to the hospital after Muhlheim suffered a bowel blockage.  For that, he says, there is no other explanation than Ozempić, who started taking it a year ago

A Vietnam veteran and father of two was left fighting for his life after using the weight loss drug Ozempiz. Wilson ‘Bo’ Muhlheim, 79, of Eugene, Oregon, was prescribed the …

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