OkiContin maker’s settlement plan divides victims of opioid crisis. It is now in the Supreme Court


WASHINGTON — An agreement by the maker of OkiContin to settle thousands of lawsuits over the harm caused by opioids could help fight the overdose epidemic that the painkiller has …

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Add eight years to your life by ‘eating less bacon and more nuts in your 40s’: Scientists rave about the benefits of adopting a healthier diet in middle age

The most important dietary changes for living longer, according to the study of more than 460,000 people in the UK, is to cut back on sugary drinks and processed meats such as sausages and bacon, while eating more nuts and whole grains, such as those found throughout wheat bread and healthy cereals for breakfast

Switching to a healthier diet in midlife could add more than eight years to your life. Switching from a typically British unhealthy diet to following the NHS Eatwell Guide, for …

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