Nutritionists agree: this is the healthiest type of butter you can cook with for weight loss

4 foods you may be missing from your diet if you're suffering from low energy and fatigue, according to nutrition experts

Butter where would we be without it? This ingredient is a staple in most kitchens around the world and an essential ingredient in many recipes. Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard that …

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EXCLUSIVE: Oregon father left fighting for life in hospital after Ozempic causes stomach paralysis – as data shows 51 US deaths linked to drug

Wilson 'Bo' Muhlheim, 79, is pictured above with his wife, Nancy, also 79. The couple, from Eugene, Oregon, made two trips to the hospital after Muhlheim suffered a bowel blockage.  For that, he says, there is no other explanation than Ozempić, who started taking it a year ago

A Vietnam veteran and father of two was left fighting for his life after using the weight loss drug Ozempiz. Wilson ‘Bo’ Muhlheim, 79, of Eugene, Oregon, was prescribed the …

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