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We’ve been seeing this new product pop up all over our TikTok feed. Gym Rat pre-workout gummies have taken over TikTok as gym goers keep raving about the product. What we want to find out is if these gummies can really replace pre-workout powder and what are the pros and cons of taking these gummies supplements. Are they a fad or something we’ll see more of in the future on the gym scene?

The Rise of Gym Rat Gummies pre-workout

Pre-workout rubber bands have caught the attention of gym-goers everywhere. Gim Rat has created an impressive formulation of taste and effect inside a small gummy. When asked about their formula, they told us this: This formulation has been a long time coming. We’ve had over 100 different formulations just to get to where we are right now. Their gummies contain all the elements of a regular energy drink in just two gummies. Imagine putting a scoop full of zero dilution powder into two gummies until they taste good. It seems impossible, but here’s what they had to say: We coated our caffeine in bitter blockers to make it taste sweeter. It doesn’t remove the bitterness of caffeine, but it does block it, so all you taste is tangy mango or super sweet strawberry.

Gym Rat pre-workout rubber bands have been seen used by many influencers and we are excited to see their growth and success as a brand. We’ve seen Gim Rat’s testimonial on Tiktok stating that gummies are much better than dry grip so they’re easy to take and taste better. As we know many people will prefer gummies over powders, we think this is more than just a fad and a high quality product that is here to stay.

Benefits of chewing gum before training

Convenience and Portability: One of the standout features of pre-workout gummies is their ability to be held anywhere. They are convenient, a container small enough to keep in your car, gym bag or locker. It makes for a super easy and convenient way to take it before a workout. No more powdered drinks you have to make. Throw in two of these rubber tires and experience a great workout.

Excellent taste and variety: When we take pre-workout gummies, what we find difficult about other brands’ formulations is that the taste is bad or the formulation does not have enough active ingredients to have a greater effect in the gym. Gym Rat has done a great job of balancing taste and function. It comes in two flavors Mango Rush and Strawberry Slushie. In our opinion, we loved the Strawberry Slushie, but let us know what you think!

Long lasting: When we regularly took powder before training, we encountered this problem. It provides a huge boost in energy, but then mid-workout you tend to crash. What we liked about these rubber tires was that they offered a different workout experience. Our energy didn’t increase as much as with a regular pre-workout powder, but our energy levels lasted a long time and we didn’t feel any drop.

Vegan and Halal: We love the inclusivity of this brand by making the gummies vegan and halal which most brands don’t emphasize. This brand has done a great job ensuring that their rubber bands can be used by the most intense gym goers as well as first timers trying to fit a workout into their busy work schedule.

Muscle recovery: We’ve seen that the inner tube contains vitamin B and BCAAs to help with muscle recovery so you can move on to your next workout. We think this is a super important ingredient to have in a pre-workout and we’re glad they built it in.

Are pre-workout gummies the best pre-workout alternative?

The answer will change depending on what you like and what you want to achieve. While pre-workout gummies offer a number of benefits, it’s important to note that they may not be as concentrated as some pre-workout powders or liquids. Traditional supplements may still be your choice if you want an extremely potent and highly targeted pre-workout option. However, pre-workout gummies are a great choice if you value convenience, taste, and a more moderate energy boost with long-lasting effects. They are especially suitable for people who don’t take too much caffeine or are looking for a product that offers practicality and a product that doesn’t give you a big crash during training.


We think everyone should try these gummies. Gym Rat pre-workout gummies changed the game with their innovative formula that packed an entire energy drink into just two gummies. This kind of genius is almost unheard of. We believe people will love these rubber tires as much as our team did. Gym Rat pre-workout gummies are the perfect combination of taste and efficiency, with zero crashes, zero jitters and loads of clarity. They had so many people raving about their product. This is a brand that is here to stay and run with the big boys in the accessory game. But whether they’re better than regular pre-workout picks depends on the eye of the beholder. Do you think this is a product worth buying?

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